Riga TechGirls (RTG) Alumni Spotlight — meet Ilze Maurere

Written by Karina Ansberga, RTG Alumni

Riga TechGirls
7 min readApr 19, 2024
Ilze Maurere, Key Account Manager at AmberCell Solutions

RTG program: Discover Tech (2023), Mentorship program (2023), Work in Tech (2023)
Background: Marketing, Sales

Hobbies: Reading, hiking
Interesting fact: Ilze has a secret passion for science.

LinkedIn profile

Recently I had a chance to meet the most extrovert introvert in my life. Ilze is a true inspiration. She is a brave, life-loving enthusiast. Grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to be inspired to embrace new opportunities as we unravel her story, filled with unexpected twists, from office management to the operating room, leaving the job and finally to her role as a project manager at Ambercell Solutions.

Ilze, thank you for agreeing to shine in Riga TechGirls (RTG) Alumni Spotlights and share your story! Let’s dive into your experiences and interests. Can you start by telling me about your hobbies?

I have never had a real hobby. Well, aside from reading, which I’m quite passionate about — I typically go through around 150 books a year. I also enjoy winter swimming and hiking, but I would not define them as my hobbies. This year I am planning to walk the Camino de Santiago from Porto to Santiago de Compostela with my friend.

Reflecting on your past, who were you ten years ago?

Ten years back, I was quite carefree, working as a bartender and fully enjoying my life and partying. But we all grow up. Over time, I had various roles, from marketing to telemarketing. Eventually, I found myself working at the business hub “Jaunā Teika,” where I served as an office manager before realizing my desire for a career change.

Could you share more about your professional experiences?

Sure. At “Jaunā Teika”, I was an office manager — I managed operations at residential and business buildings, co-working buildings, and I even participated in planning events. I consider “Jaunā Teika” as my little child. Soon I realized being an office manager was too boring, so I started assisting colleagues in various tasks. Unexpectedly I received a chance to try out a job in the medical field. I was curious enough to accept it. I explored roles in operating rooms and laboratory settings, learning extensively along the way. Later, I decided to embrace new challenges and try my luck in the IT sector, so I quit my job.

Daily life of working in operating rooms, 2020

It’s fascinating how your career path evolved. How did you become involved with RTG?

I discovered RTG during my tenure at “Jaunā Teika” — I was helping them to organize different events there. Later, when I quit my job, I decided to explore their programs. I participated in “Discover Tech” program and further on I was engaging in almost all the courses that I could find, including programming, IT support, and digital marketing, broadened my skill set significantly.

My suggestion — Don’t do it! Don’t try all the courses at once! It was not easy. Sometimes I even spent 12 hours studying for 3 courses at the same time. But for me it worked.

I participated also in “Work in tech program”, in data analytics track. I have worked in marketing, created videos and been involved in other creative projects, but I don’t consider myself creative. My brain is like an excel file. Therefore data analytics was something I really enjoyed.

Speech in Work in Tech graduation event, 2024

Did participating in RTG programs influence your career trajectory?

Absolutely. When I quit my job, I had no expectations, no clear goal, just this idea — to check out and see what is IT.

The experience and support I received in RTG programs is invaluable.

The fact that something like this is available, is just mindblowing. We all live in our small bubbles, not knowing what happens around us. RTG gave me that opportunity to meet other bubbles. Now, I’m advocating for everyone to participate in RTG programs just to explore the other possibilities life could offer.

It doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will end up in IT, but at the very least, after completing these programs, you’ll know if it’s not your path.

And you know, all these teeny-tiny certificates that I received in these courses, they all combine everything that I need in my current position.

How did you decide which is the right track for you?

Actually, I still haven’t found that one thing I’m truly passionate about. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay! While everyone is complaining about not knowing what to do in life, or feeling lost… I’ve been there. I have these big ambitions, but sometimes I’m not sure where to channel them. But you know what’s great? Embracing the uncertainty. When you don’t know what you want to do, you can jump in different projects, try many new things. You just have to accept this. So instead of sitting around and worrying, just do something, just give it a shot. And you know what? It’s been amazing. I could quote Charlotte from “Sex and the City” saying I am happy. I am happy every day. Not all day everyday, but everyday. And it is not just about the job.

How did your family react when you decided to leave your job?

Oh they were very supportive of my decision. They have always trusted my abilities. Although my boyfriend once was kind of worried thinking I will become a programmer and hack his phone, haha.

Did you have any obstacles during your career transition?

Not a single one. In order to join RTG Mentoring project, I had to prepare a Linkedin profile. I usually prefer to remain invisible. However, joining this program was my priority, so I created it. I even included all my certificates, even though I was ashamed of them. I felt as if I was bragging about some intro level certificates which might not mean anything to other people. Soon after, I started receiving a lot of messages from recruiters. Having experience in both sales and the medical field made me a target to many recruiters. Initially, I wasn’t interested in working in either field anymore. However, one recruiter insisted that “no” wasn’t an option. After a few interviews, I landed a job at Ambercell Solutions. I am super grateful to her.

Reflecting on your achievements, what would you consider your main success?

I’ve had numerous small successes, nothing grand; but I like these small wins even more. I find satisfaction in larger, long-term projects. Yes, they may be time consuming, and the results aren’t immediately visible, but I enjoy the fulfillment as I witness their gradual progression.

In your work environment, do you prefer working alone or in a team?

I am an introvert — I need to be alone to get my energy back, to recharge. At the same time I enjoy going to the office, communicating with others. At my current job, I love going to the hospital and talking to nurses and surgeons, I really value that. However, at the end of the day, don’t talk to me. I love to have a team, but I don’t like to feel dependent.

Can you walk us through a typical day in your current role?

In my current project, I oversee the implementation of an RFID (radio frequency identification) system in hospitals for supply chain management automatization. This involves understanding the needs of nurses and hospital administration, conducting audits, and utilizing data analytics to inform decision-making.

What qualities do you believe are essential for success in your position?

The most important one — a positive mindset. I deal with a lot of people, and each person is unique.

It’s not about one person being better than another; it’s almost like being a psychology master to work with that many people, to communicate with them and to not take absolutely anything personally.

Second, attention to detail, because every number, code or even letter — they are very important in my job. Finally, a continuous willingness to learn.

Looking ahead, what are your dreams and ambitions?

I’ve always wanted to start my own business, but I haven’t found out yet what it could be. I have a bit of knowledge about various subjects, but I haven’t found that one area where I’m an expert. I’d really like to participate in a hackathon. I might not have an idea, but I am a doer, I love making things happen for others.

Would you like to share some special memories from RTG?

I loved my first coffee talk during one of RTG programs — it felt like meeting my soulmate. Overall, I’m thrilled that these coffee talks are a part of the programs. I highly recommend everyone to give them a try. Well, have at least two of them, just in case the first coffee isn’t to your taste. (smiling)

Finally, what advice would you offer to those considering a career change?

Most of people will not like this, but communicate! You never know who you’ll meet and how they might change your life. Try a lot of things. And finally, set your priorities, just choose how you spend your time.

Building process of Fantadroms event space at Jaunā Teika, 2019
Arthrex stand in Traumathology event, 2021